About us

Empowering, inspiring, innovating

CLASHD is a comprehensive online platform that redefines how expert resources are provided to beauty professionals and consumers alike. Offering a curated selection of training materials, certifications, insightful multi-media content, and a welcoming community, for whatever area of beauty you're ready to explore. Built with quality at our core, we ensure our professionals thrive.

At CLASHD we are a community first. We are all about support, innovation, and individuality. Our purpose is to create for beauty professionals because when they are at their best, we are too.

Made to inspire, educate and originate, our platform is designed to instill confidence through trusted resources. From our superior selection of trainings, experts and products, to our welcoming aesthetic, every element of CLASHD is created to connect.

Available at your fingertips, call us your modern guiding light - we'll take it. As long as we're CLASHING the best in beauty, the industry will continue to break boundaries.