Second-Day Hairstyles for Clients to Avoid Summer Frizz


15 Jun, 2022 2 min read

There’s nothing worse than spending hours doing your client’s hair just for the summer heat and humidity to totally transform its shape. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. Summer is here, so we’re going to let you in on our little secrets to avoiding frizz and second-day styles to teach your clients so they can maximize their new look. Our key tip to pass along is how you prep and maintain your hairstyle!

Teaching your clients to maximize the longevity of their hairdos with frizz-resistant styles is the key to maintaining their look as long as possible, even in the heat! We have a few faves here at CLASHD, so stick around to find out what they are

  1. We absolutely LOVE slick back styles. Whether it's a bun, a pony, or even a braided pony, we believe you can't go wrong with a slick style for any summer look. Slicked styles are achieved by brushing your hair with a soft bristle brush (or even a toothbrush!), slicking it with gel, and securing it with a hair tie. After you secure it, make sure to slick down any loose pieces that may be left. With a strong gel, the hair is certain to hold all day with no frizz, even through the heat and humidity.
  2. Brushed Through Beach Waves: Show your clients that a little effort goes a long way. If they’re looking for a way to take day-old hair and spice it up, try brushed through beach waves. First, recommend a texturized spray to apply. Then, follow up with a curling iron or wand and create soft waves. We recommend starting about ⅓ down the head and leaving 1-inch of straight hair at the ends for a true beachy look. Then, apply a little more holding spray before softly brushing through the look. The goal: bounce, gentle and totally gorgeous.
  3. Braids: Is your client not ready for a wash, but also not able to lend much time to a second-day do? Braids are our favorite go-to. Whether its small, thin braids scattered throughout the hair or thick single braids, this two-minute revamp is simple, fast and guaranteed to spice up the overall effect of the hair. 

CLASHD Tip: Give your client a little card with these suggestions OR send them a digital day-after card with post style tips