Summer Spray Tans: How to Make Them Last Longer and When to Get ThemSummer 2022 - Tanning Tips and Tricks


14 Jun, 2022 4 min read

Let's talk tanning. Summer’s coming up and everyone wants to have that beautiful, bronzed glow, but how do you really get that? Many people are reluctant to tan outside in the sun and for good reason. Whether it's harsh UV rays, skin damage, wrinkles, or sunburn, the effects of tanning can be scary. So, how can you get that tanned look without the damage? 

It's simple (and more common than you even realize)...spray tans! Turning to spray tans via tan experts and tanning salons is an unbelievable option—no pun intended. Trained professionals know how to give you that natural tan with the perfect bronze color fit for your skin tone. Tried and tested, going to a professional to get a spray tan allows you to glow with confidence, avoid sun damage from tanning outside and not worry about looking orange or splotchy from at-home self-tanning. TBH, it’s also the most cost-effective because it typically lasts longer than self-tanner as professionals use primers and clear finishing coats to prolong the spray. But, how do you know when to get a spray tan or how to prepare and take care of it?

CLASHD has you covered! Trust me, we LOVE a bomb tan and we’ve had many ourselves, so we can let you in on the in’s-and-outs of spray tans. 

The first step is knowing the best time to get one. We recommend getting a spray tan before your summer vacation. A spray tan will immediately give you that confidence boost on the beach, the boat or at the bars. Plus, why would you want to wait all vacation to look amazing when you could show up as the hottest one there. Skip baking in the sun—you can enjoy the view from under your umbrella! 

We always get asked: How do I make sure it lasts long enough for my vacation? First things first, get the tan as close to your vacation as possible. We recommend 2-3 days prior. As for making it last, we have ALL the tips and tricks. 

One of the most important steps happens the day before: exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin the day before will remove any dead skin so that your spray tan can stick to the healthy skin and last longer. Next, to avoid splotches, make sure you avoid deodorant, perfumes, and lotions the day of your tan. If you have these products on, the spray tan will not stick to your body in those areas and cause splotches. Immediately after your tan you need to avoid sweating or getting wet for at least 6 hours but for optimal results you should try for a whole day. We typically get a tan in the afternoon and then sleep in our spray tan overnight. Sweating too close to getting your tan will cause the tan to drip and wash off. Once your tan is fully developed in the next 24-48 hours, you can easily rinse off. After you shower, make sure to thoroughly moisturize your body to hydrate and replenish your skin for the longest-lasting tan, but make sure to use lotions with gentle ingredients that are tan-friendly. After that, just make sure to moisturize daily and avoid harsh products or scrubbing! 

Happy Tanning!

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